Tuesday, September 20, 2016

#2 - Pictures can say a thousand words

He was really just daydreaming on the couch and before he could get up, she sat down across from him in one of the well-worn club chairs.

He had been thinking about the strange circus in town. Circus people always come in to the shop wanting bizarre designs or touch-ups on old ones. But he thought this lot was a strange bunch.  Mean, really and Maxwell could feel one guy boring a hole in his face while he touched-up his tattoo. When the guy finally spoke he only said, "You're the seer.  I knew your mother. She helped me out once or twice from a tight spot." Then not another word from him. Weird, just weird.

She came in the day after the night circus.  She looked tired, but somehow happy with herself like she knew what she was suppose to do in the world.  Maxwell's shoulders relaxed a bit and he smiled. She met his gaze and smiled back.  She seemed to fit in anywhere.  He looked out the big window and then back to his visitor.

"I'm Maxwell. Can I help you with a design or do you have one in mind?"
"Oh," She said. "I actually came in for a different reason. I'm a photographer.  And from one artist to another, I wondered if I could hang a few pictures around, maybe some of your customers may be interested in them?" Her pitch sounded a bit rehearsed, but also natural in a way.

Max thought about it a moment.  He glanced around at his walls and then met her gaze again. "Sure, sure that actually sounds pretty good. This place could use a bit of something."

She relaxed her shoulders, "Great. Great. That's marvelous." She smiled and laughed a bit.  He could see the tiredness at the edges of her eyes in the slight wrinkles. He knew she was like him, sleep wasn't a good friend to either of them.

"I am usually up at all hours, so don't worry about store hours, just come by when you've got a few pieces and we'll figure out where to hang them. I'm a night owl."

He couldn't tell if she was shy or surprised it was this easy to get a spot to show her work, but she made an awkward gesture, stood up and said "Okay, um, thanks, I'll get back here soon, then." She paused and looked around at the open spaces on the walls. "I have a few larger pieces, maybe we can just group them on one wall? I don't want you to think you have to have a bunch."

As he stood and walked out into the afternoon sun with her, he sighed and thought to himself.  "I hope she doesn't want a tattoo. I will like just knowing her and her photos." She turned and gave him a waved and headed around the corner. He didn't need anymore pictures in his life, but these may be a relief.

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